Really want to attract attention?

Then consider our 20-foot to 40-foot banner poles, with out without an internal halyard, and with a 360 degree rotating arm. These poles are everywhere in Europe where they are the preferred outdoor advertising medium by far. Why? Because a banner which moves is much more efficient than a stationary sign to attract attention.

  • Banner-arm keeps banner fully visible even with no wind.
  • Eye catching: slightest breeze makes the banner move.
  • Banner arm can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Optional tilting base to easily change banners on poles not equipped with internal halyard.

Made of high quality fiberglass composite.

  • stronger than aluminum.
  • does not corrode.
  • gelcoat finish, maintenance free.
  • available in any color (pigmented composite, not painted; scratches will not show)

For banners up to 20 foot high and 5 foot wide.